VOICE Scholarships List

The VOICE scholarships list has been divided into three sections: nation-wide, school-specific and regional awards. Nation-wide has those that students from anywhere in the country can apply to; school-specific lists the schools that give out their own awards; and regional applies to particular areas of the country.

Some of these scholarships are directed only toward deaf and hard of hearing students, and others apply to any disability.

Each scholarship has its own restrictions, and not all of them could be listed here. Interested students would do well to go to the website hosting the scholarship information, or contact the organization/school directly.

The dates for deadlines vary; some are set early in the year, and some are later. The student should look into these scholarships sometime during their school’s Fall term.


  • The VOICE Scholarship directory is a list of potential scholarships that are geared towards students who are hard of hearing, based on their field of study and educational institution

  • The Louise Crawford scholarships is a VOICE Scholarship that is awarded to qualified students to pursue their scholastic aspirations at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Funds are awarded annually at the sole discretion of the scholarship committee. Successful candidates may reapply from year to year.

  • Under the guidance of the National Charites Committee, a scholarship program is offered to students who are in their final year of a master’s or doctorate degree program in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology. The scholarships are funded through the national charity – the Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children and can be found on the Speech, Language & Audiology Canada website http://sac-oac.ca/students/scholarship