VOICE is pleased to announce the 25th Annual Family Camp taking place August, 2017 at the Bark Lake Campground in Irondale. This is a great way for families to have some fun & get to know other VOICE families from across Ontario. For more information about the Family Camp & to register, fill out the application form & send it back to VOICE before June 30, 2016.


VOICE Family Camp
is for families with children with hearing loss who are learning to listen and speak. It’s a popular weekend of caring and sharing by both parents children. Lifelong friendships are made in these few days! Held each year in August, VOICE Camp offers families an informal opportunity to meet other parents, siblings and children who are deaf or hard of hearing and who are learning to listen and speak.

VOICE Family Camp 2015 was an outstanding success! Thank you to VOICE parent Mary Lou for all your hard work and dedication to ensure parents and children had a memorable weekend!

Here’s what campers said about the weekend:

  • We really appreciated all the hard work that goes into organizing this weekend. Thank you so much for the incredible opportunity it provides all our children to make their special connections.
  • We loved seeing the incredible positive effect it has made on our daughter’s confidence and willingness to take chances.
  • This is just wonderful fun filled event for all. On the way home my daughter asked “Can we go again?” [I’m] so grateful for the opportunity. Can’t wait for next near!
  • Thanks to all the fabulous volunteers and especially the organizers this year. We truly appreciated all your hard work and love what you do to ensure all our kids (and us too!) had a wonderful experience.


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