WHAT is this program?

The VOICE Auditory Verbal Therapy Program provides intervention to families with children who have a hearing loss, are generally wearing hearing technology (hearing aids or cochlear implants) and are learning to listen and speak. The Auditory-Verbal (AV) approach emphasizes hearing as the main channel for developing spoken language. Auditory- Verbal practice is a parent-child centered approach where Listening and Spoken Language Specialists help parents develop techniques to assist their children to listen and speak.

WHO is served by this program?

  • Families who are active VOICE members
  • Children with hearing losses ranging from mild to profound and generally using either hearing aids or cochlear implants,
  • Children who are learning to listen and speak.
  • Families who can not otherwise  access  funded AV intervention through  their local  hospital, early intervention program, or school

WHERE is this program available?

VOICE Auditory-Verbal intervention is available throughout Ontario and is currently offered to families in these regions: Halton, Hamilton, Peel, London, Grey Bruce, Toronto GTA, and Wellington-Waterloo.
Tele-VOICE, through videoconferencing, is available to families who are in remote areas and not in proximity of a VOICE therapist.

WHO provides this service?

Auditory-Verbal therapy is provided by VOICE therapists who are Listening and Spoken Language specialists/certified Auditory-Verbal therapists or educators.


WHAT is the cost of AV therapy?

Families are responsible for the cost of AV Therapy services and may:

  1. Pay for therapy through postdated cheques or credit card


  1. Access Financial Assistance programs for families who require support in meeting the cost of therapy services (see list of suggestions below)

How can VOICE members ensure that this program continues to be available?

  • Become active members of the local chapter
  • Organize and/or participate in chapter fundraising activities and events
  • Explore different avenues of contributions to the AVT fund
  • Ask VOICE about advocacy for improved access to funded AV Therapy

HOW can a VOICE family access AV THERAPY?

Click Here for more resources for parents


Contact the VOICE office at info@voicefordeafkids.ca