PAAC on SEAC was established in 1983 to provide a forum for sharing ideas and strategies and for resolving common concerns relating to Special Education Advisory Committees (SEACs) throughout the Province. PAAC on SEAC believes that provincial parent associations are a valuable resource to elected school board officials, to education and service professionals, to parents and to the community at large in the decision making process for the provision of special education programs and services for exceptional pupils.

PAAC on SEACs mandate is to provide support to and sharing opportunities among the parent associations. Its goal is to promote successful practices for Special Education Advisory Committees. PAAC on SEACs objective is to serve as a resource and a support, to identify provincial parents associations’ concerns, to respond to, provide advice to and/or information and suggestions to, the Ministry of Education and Training.

VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children is one of the actively participating member associations on the Provincial Associations Advisory Committee on Special Education Advisory Committees (PAAC on SEAC).