The Minister’s Advisory Council on Special Education advises the Minister of Education on any matter related to the establishment and provision of special education programs and services for exceptional students, including the identification and provision of early intervention programs for students with special needs.

In particular, the Council:

  • responds to proposals or positions of the Ministry of Education or other ministries, as submitted to the Council from time to time;
  • identifies concerns in the delivery of special education programs and services for exceptional pupils and provides information, advice, and recommendations for ministry consideration;
  • submits an annual report and recommendations to the minister, and
  • meets up to three times a year (February, June and November) for a maximum of three days.

The council has 22 members, most of whom represent either exceptionality or a profession. There is also a representative for students and youth, and there are two representatives from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Community and Social Services who sit as non-voting members. All Council members are appointed by the Minister of Education.

Special Education Advisory Committees (SEACs) play a vital role in the success of special education programs and services in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. This information program has been developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education to assist SEAC members to undertake the roles and responsibilities ascribed to them by legislation.