Highlights of VOICE Accomplishments

Parent Support

  • Published Learning to Listen: A Book by Parents for Parents
  • Provide information and referrals to thousands of families annually
  • Enhanced database to include parent to parent support network for multilingual and multicultural families
  • Hosted an annual summer family camp for over 20 years
  • Expanded the chapter network to include 18 chapters in Canada
  • Facilitate opportunities for one-on-one parent support through chapter meetings and social gatherings for families
  • Publish member newsletters and chapter newsletters and Sound Blasts
  • Host an annual conference for parents and professionals
  • Host a Teen Leadership full-day workshop, organized by VOICE alumni
  • Published an Individual Education Plan Guide for Parents

Public Education

  • Created Dress LOUD Day to raise awareness of the needs of children with hearing loss in schools and businesses
  • 2009 and 2010 Weather Network safety broadcast
  • Developed Public Service Announcements for national radio
  • Advertised in national media with a message that Yes, Deaf Kids Can Talk!
  • Featured in Canadian Living Magazine with message of the importance of early infant hearing screening
  • Featured in OMNI Television’s multilingual series on the success of children with hearing loss learning to speak
  • Published Directory of Health & Educational Services for Hearing Impaired Children


  • 2010 recipient of Consumer Advocacy Award, Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists
  • Expanded Mentorship and Training Program for professionals and educators in school boards across Ontario
  • Successful in attaining audiological and communication supports through to age 6 under Ontario’s Infant Hearing Program
  • Assured equitable access in Ontario to Assistive Devices Program for cochlear implant recipients
  • Past participant on the Ministers Advisory Council on Special Education (MACSE) and active on the Provincial Association Advisory Council (PAAC)
  • Consultancy role to the Ontario Infant Hearing Program: ongoing participation as a parent support network and service provider
  • Built a network of Special Education Advisory Committee representatives throughout the province to ensure the provision of special education services by local school boards
  • Conduct annual training workshops for Special Education Advisory Committee representatives
  • Lobbied for Ministry of Health funding for cochlear implants
  • Successfully acquired the first Ministry of Health funding for Auditory-Verbal therapy through Preschool Speech and Language Services
  • Assisted in the creation of three hospital-based Auditory-Verbal clinics
  • Effective lobbying for use of FM systems for mainstreamed children with hearing loss

Auditory-Verbal Therapy

  • Providing intervention by certified AV therapists
  • Developed a mentorship program in the Auditory-Verbal approach to enhance the skills of professionals in Ontario
  • Conduct workshops for Auditory-Verbal Therapy professionals (CEU approved by AG Bell Academy of Listening and Spoken Language)
  • Developed partnership with York University, which established the inclusion of the Auditory-Verbal approach in the curriculum of the Teacher of the Deaf program.
  • Offer continuing education courses on the Auditory-Verbal approach to Teachers of the Deaf, Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists through York University